A rich JavaScript UI library

that delivers a complete set of HTML5 UI widgets. With HT for Web, you can easily create modern web and mobile enterprise applications without worrying about cross-browser compatibility, standards compliance or touch-device support.

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A monitoring and visualization solution

for the easy creation and deployment of highly customizable and fully interactive topology diagrams, dashboards and charts. HT for Web is used to visualize and control real-time and mission-critical processes in a variety of industries, from Telecommunication Network Monitoring to Industrial Automation (HMI/SCADA).

A WebGL based 3D graphics engine.

HT for Web offers a unique kind of abstraction layer for WebGL, extending the Model–View–Presenter (MVP) design pattern to the world of 3D graphics. With HT for Web, you can focus more on core functionality and logic, rather than dealing with the complexities of 3D rendering and mathematics.

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